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For a complete list of all the NASA Challenges that we have helped develop, please visit: NASA Quest. The FREE Challenge lesson plans are ready for downloading and links are available to the Challenge websites and videos we created.

The Collaborative has been an integral part of NASA Challenges for almost a decade.

Working hand-in-hand with technical experts at NASA, we help pose engaging and informative problems for students and teachers nation-wide. We take advantage of the wealth of knowledge from NASA and related agencies to craft comprehensive printed and online support materials to make Challenges an overwhelming success. The Collaborative has facilitated over a dozen major Challenges–from conception to final webcast–either in a studio setting or from remote locations across the globe.

Mars Exploration
Arctic Explorer

The Collaborative continues to create Challenges for NASA and has many ongoing Challenge activities happening throughout each academic year.

Living on the Moon

Preparing for Habitation

Fall 2006

Exploring Antarctica

Studying the Southern Continent

Winter 2008

Ocean Voyaging

Exploring Through Navigation

Fall 2008

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