Benefits To Students

In addition to the furthering the learning experience of students, YES!Games™ Challenges also inspire young people to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, math, and other professional fields. The compelling nature of Challenges make them a naturally fun and effective way to learn. Students benefit from working alongside technical experts while receiving valuable feedback on their projects. All participants are awarded prominent recognition for arriving at a solution and some Challenges also offer significant prizes to students and/or their respective learning institutions.

Benefits To Teachers

YES!Games™ Challenges are written to meet appropriate State and National standards,thereby becoming valuable teaching tools Teachers and home-schoolers benefit from the available educator guides, student workbooks, mobile apps, dedicated websites, and more. The Collaborative crafts a wide range of Challenges–from those that fit into a limited time frame of a few of school days, to more comprehensive Challenges that offer a month's worth of curricula. We also create Challenges for any age groups (K-12) as is appropriate to the subject matter involved.

Benefits To Sponsors & Partners

Companies and organizations benefit from participating in YES!Games™ Challenges, too. The educational activities provide the perfect vehicle to reach a large national audience for those businesses and institutions who hope to affect change in the world. The Challenges present a ready-made tie-in to a wide variety of philanthropic causes and charitable work. Additionally, the web casts offer local, regional, national, and worldwide branding opportunities for products and services being associated with such a noble cause.

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